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We are here to provide you with flexible and fully featured (VOD) Video On Demand and Live Streaming services.

Use this to save you time and money both personally and professionally. By launching video on your website, you can reduce unproductive time and make more out of the productive time.

Case Scenarios

Here are some example situations where you could use VOD or Live Streaming to increase productivity.

Case #1: VOD – Real Estate

Produce a video showcasing each prospective property by touring inside with a video recorder aka “camcorder”.

This will allow potential buyers to get an idea for which properties they might be interested in, thus reducing the amount of time you spend driving around.

Case #2: Live Streaming – Speaking engagements
Whether you are educating people en mass, or giving a press conference, both can utilize Live Video to increase the audience. Those may be unable to physically make it, or the only TV station covering it may be out of their viewing area.